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Pardon our pause during COVID19

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

This blog soft-launched at the start of 2020, aiming for a formal 2021 launch building up to a major, multi-month expedition along the Canning Stock Route. We were going to document a series of five big desert expeditions through 2020-21 - the Simpson Desert (twice), the Gibson Desert, the Great Victoria Desert (twice), and finally the Canning Stock Route in 2022.

Unfortunately the global COVID19 pandemic has significantly impacted our ability to get out there this year, with our planned 2020 expeditions cancelled and only a few shorter, local trips possible so far.

So if you've liked or subscribed to the blog directly or through social media, thanks for your patience so far.

As the desert touring season for 2020 is now over, we will need to pivot the blog a little to keep things alive and interesting. We will still mount two, possibly three, big expeditions in 2021 (provided Australia's internal borders open up to overland travel), and we will document those as we go. And we still plan to do the Canning in 2022, provided Western Australia will let us in by then and the indigenous lands are granting travel permits.

Until then, we will pivot our content towards planning a Canning Stock Route trip for beginners - vehicle selection and preparation, how to plan fuel, how to get permits, how to work out how much food and water you'll need, the driving skills you'll need, and other things largely glossed over in the many excellent YouTube channels covering the drive itself.

Of course, we will also continue posts about our Cruiser build, gear reviews, and other items of interest to the outback tourer.

See you on the trails,



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